"Whatever we were fighting over became minimally important in the face of a threat from creatures who were so superior to us in technology that we were their farm animals to be harvested as they pleased."

Col. Philip J. Corso - "The Day After Roswell"


A new book by Art Greenfield

Warning by Art Greenfield 

History of alien interference with humanity, and a beneficial solution.



This is the calm before the storm. Our destiny depends on our realizing we have a problem, and then going all out in solving it. Pay careful attention to the information in this book. Then tell your friends and family the truth. This truth has been hidden from us for a very long time. Recently so much information has come to light that the big picture has finally been revealed.


As you read the facts, theories, and hypothetical illustrative situations in this book, you will realize the problem we face can be overcome. The solution requires a great effort on a vast scale to bring the human race to a state of great strength and readiness.


We keep hearing about aliens, alien abductions, UFOs, and cover-ups. When I looked into this situation, I found out the human race is in mortal danger, primarily because we have become aware of this problem from above. There are elements of the US government and military that know exactly what is coming, but they can not tell you because it is VERY BAD NEWS. It would devastate society.

Do former astronaut Neil Armstrong and former President Jimmy Carter know what the aliens have planned for us? They have both spoken out, but have been silenced by extreme pressure from intelligence agencies before they could tell the whole story. This book states exactly what President Carter has revealed and what Neil Armstrong has said to warn the public. I will disclose the whole truth from current information and historical sources.

I hope the truth will incite humanity to take action for self-preservation.

This is real.


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