OUR PURPOSE                                                                                        

To motivate the public to pressure governments worldwide to build a capable defense force. The defense force will enable us to negotiate with the aliens from a position of strength so as to make the aliens agree to accept alternate food resources that we will supply in exchange for trade.


  • Negotiate a mutually beneficial trade agreement with the Reptoids. We will trade meat and other products for trade goods, advanced technology and knowledge, used star ships, etc.
  • Build or buy a fleet of large cargo star ships to be used to trade with the Reptoids and other races.
  • Arm the star ships with defensive weapons.
  • Form a merchant marine type organization to operate them. It will resemble a Star Trek type operation, except we will be exploring new worlds for new markets to export our products to, and seeking out new products on alien worlds to import back to Earth. Our objective is Star Trade, not Star Wars.
  • Raise money from the sale of the book to finance the acquisition of surplus electronic military equipment that will be used privately to disable and bring down a small alien craft at low altitude in the act of abduction.
  • Have the Gray perpetrators taken into custody by the local sheriffs department, their craft seized as evidence, and the aliens prosecuted for their criminal acts. This exposure is necessary to focus our attention on the problem. The seizure of a craft and the alien abductors is the first step in the solution to the problem.

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  • "This book was VERY insightful and full of thought provoking details. It will open your eyes to a whole new reality of what you thought was the truth. It will make you question e..."
    Johanna R.
  • "I am stunned to find out my OWN government would hide this from us! I just hope we as people can act soon before it is to late. "
    Joshua O.

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