UFO Case Files of Russian Battlefields

Posted on June 25, 2010 at 10:33 PM

Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill write, "Just as their allies did, the Soviet military noticed the presence of strange flying objects over their troops and battlefields. Germans also knew about UFOs, perhaps as early as 1940. In November 1944, Soviet Colonel Petrovitch Ovsischer, and other Soviet aviators observed a strange, bright object in the sky over a frontline airfield in the Warsaw area. The UFO hovered at a great altitude, not moving, for at least fifteen minutes. Its illumination was incredible. The object ascended at a great velocity and disappeared from view. None of the witnesses had heard anything about flying saucers and they could not explain what it was that they saw. The sighting caused Ovsischer to collect reports about the military and UFOs.

Other sightings had been reported too. One sighting occurred on August 26, 1943, at the Kursk Bridge. This was the site of a crucial tank battle between the Soviet Army and Nazi Panzers. Senior Lt. Gennady zhelaginov observed the sky after the Soviet Artillery shelled the German defence lines. The adversary had frequently bombed Soviet positions at that section of the front. " Suddenly he saw a sickle shaped object; that flew in a southwesterly direction and soon disappeared from view. The color of the UFO was dark bluish, tinted, from front to back. But towards the middle the color turned to a bright orange. The impression was that of giant dolphin, because the middle section continuously expanded and contracted in size. The object seemed to be something animate, and impressive, because of the volleys of Soviet artillery and explosions in the background.”

There was a report of a huge UFO that hovered over the neutral Kursk Bulge area just before the start of the battle. The Soviet High Command feared the object was Hitler's much- vaunted secret weapon. An actual drawing of the object was done and several Soviet colonels who took part in the battle had signed it to prove its authenticity.

A huge dirigible like object some 100-150 meters in length visited the airfield where Colonel Kovalchuk was stationed. There was no gondola and the object moved at an altitude of 500 meters. Air defence units fired on the dirigible from cannons and machine guns they had to protect the airfield. But they did not harm the object; as it flew over the airfield and disappeared into the distance.

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