The reptile part of the human brain

Posted on May 6, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Carl Sagan puzzled over the similarities between the reptilian

brain and the human brain. He pointed out that at the core of the human

brain lies a vestige of our reptilian past. This part of the brain,

known as the R- complex (reptilian complex), is said to be the part of

the brain that performs the dinosaur functions--aggressive behavior,

territoriality, ritual, and establishment of social hierarchies. The

middle layer is called the limbic system, and is thought to generate

love, hate, compassion, and sentimentality--characteristics believed

to be strictly mammalian. The largest part of the human brain, the

neocortex or outer layer, is believed to be the home of reasoning and

deliberation and "the place where we know the difference between good

and evil."


Once again, science seems to agree with the ancient creation myths,

for it was the knowledge of good and evil (given to them by a serpent)

that caused the first woman and man to fall from grace with the creator.

If the creator was reptilian, then it could be that by becoming

mammalian--and developing a neocortex--humanity became less reptilian,

thus falling from grace.


Other ancient texts bear out this disturbing conclusion. In 1945, in a

small town in Egypt, a clay jar was found bearing ancient scrolls

similar to the Dead Sea Scrolls. These are known as the * Nag Hammadi

* texts, named after the town where they were found. They tell the

story of human creation this way: The bodies of Adam and Eve were

overlaid with a horny skin that was bright as daylight, like a

luminescent garment. Thus, it seems, they didn't need clothing.


Further, these texts tell a far different story about the tree of

knowledge than that told in Genesis: "She took some of its fruit and

ate, and she gave to her husband also...then their minds opened. For

when they ate, the light of knowledge shone for them. When they saw

their makers, they loathed them since they were beastly forms. They

understood very much."


In another ancient Jewish document, known as the *Haggadah*, it is made

clear that the serpent was not merely a snake: "Among the animals, the

serpent was notable. Of all of them, he had the most excellent

qualities, in some of which he resembled man. Like man, he stood

upright on two feet, and in height he was equal to the camel....His

superior mental gifts caused him to become an infidel. It likewise

explains his envy of man, especially his conjugal visits....In

punishment for tempting Eve, God said 'I created you to be king over

all the animals...but you were not satisfied....I created you of

upright posture...therefore you shall go upon your belly.'"


These tantalizing clues from the dim past seem to give at least some

support for the idea that today's UFO occupants, reptilian or Grays, are

exactly who they say they are--the ancient "guardians" of

humankind. We are still here, and they are still breeding us for their own

purposes. Keep in mind too that real angels, demons, devils, or even God do not need a spaceship to travel around the universe.

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Reply zoran22zoran
12:04 PM on September 10, 2012 
drevni tekstovi,otvaraju zaboravljenu povijest,pravu prapovijest,bilo bi zanimljivo ,?to vi?e da je dostupno na proučavanje tih tekstova,pa ako neko raspola?e njima,lijepo bi bilo ,da i ostali mogu pro?iriti svoje znanje o tim davnim tajanstvenim vremenima !


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