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Dragons are a breed of Repto Sapiens.  Much as dogs have different breeds such as a poodle or a pit bull, they are all dogs species.


This dragon head is almost identical to the Reptoid heads mounted on the front of Viking ships, which were called Drakkar, Dragon Boats. All Chinese ships mounting these heads were called Dragon boats too, right up to the present day in China.


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Biblical References

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Here are some facts about the particular aliens who have been interacting with humanity thoughout history, including biblical references. I coined the term  "Repto Sapiens" a while back. Like humanity, they too evolved from dinosaur roots here on Earth. That is the main reason they keep coming back here, this is their ancestral home world. They are not coming back periodically just to visit the old neighborhood though. Since they are still a part of our food chain, they stop by when...

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