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UFO Case Files of Russian Battlefields

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Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill write, "Just as their allies did, the Soviet military noticed the presence of strange flying objects over their troops and battlefields. Germans also knew about UFOs, perhaps as early as 1940. In November 1944, Soviet Colonel Petrovitch Ovsischer, and other Soviet aviators observed a strange, bright object in the sky over a frontline airfield in the Warsaw area. The UFO hovered at a great altitude, not moving, for at least fifteen minutes. Its illumination was...

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Ancient Mayan stela

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The reptile part of the human brain

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Carl Sagan puzzled over the similarities between the reptilian

brain and the human brain. He pointed out that at the core of the human

brain lies a vestige of our reptilian past. This part of the brain,

known as the R- complex (reptilian complex), is said to be the part of

the brain that performs the dinosaur functions--aggressive behavior,

territoriality, ritual, and establishment of social hierarchies. The

middle layer is called the limbic system, and is ...

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Extraterrestrial Reptile Gods

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If that were the only reference to reptilian beings in ancient texts

it could easily be dismissed, but the stories of such creatures date

back to the earliest human writings, those of Sumer (meaning "land of

the guardians"), Babylon (meaning "gate of the gods"), and other

civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia. Among the thousands of clay

tablets that have been recovered and translated dating from the

earliest recorded history, are documents that record event...

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Biblical References to Repto Sapiens

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Dead Sea Scrolls

References to Watchers, good and bad angels, and hybrid babies can be

found in many ancient texts including the Old Testament, which

borrowed much from older documents, including the books of Enoch. The

prophet Enoch is mentioned in Genesis as the son of Cain and the

father of Methuselah, and he is believed to be one o...

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