Alien Agenda

  • Coming from Earth originally, Reptoid aliens have been using humans as a food resource for thousands of years.


  • The aliens cause wars and plagues to start every 30 to 50 years to generate a large supply of meat.


  • The government knows about it but keeps quiet to avoid public panic.


  • The military has taken some defensive measures: HAARP, advanced space war craft, deep space and global surveillance satellites, and hunter-killer satellites.


  • We need to go on an all-out full scale war footing to build a huge defense force.


  • "This book was VERY insightful and full of thought provoking details. It will open your eyes to a whole new reality of what you thought was the truth. It will make you question e..."
    Johanna R.
  • "I am stunned to find out my OWN government would hide this from us! I just hope we as people can act soon before it is to late. "
    Joshua O.

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