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My involvement with this subject started fairly recently. People and events kind of grabbed me. I learned rather quickly we had a serious problem facing us. I felt I had to write a book to warn people about the problem. This book deals with that ongoing problem, a problem that started many thousands of years before I was born. I wasn’t aware there was a problem until ten years ago. Like Forrest Gump, I stumbled into situations where I became a participant in shaping historic events. I came into personal contact with people involved in doing UFO research, other people who had been abducted, and Apollo astronauts who had seen the massive construction work the aliens have done on the moon.


I am just an average person. I had only a mild interest in the subject of UFOs and aliens. I became hooked on taking a hard look at the subject when I saw official NASA photographic evidence. The implications were devastating. Our government had discovered evidence of alien life and had kept it secret. Something had to be horribly wrong. I was determined to find all the pieces to the puzzle to find out why. The photos I saw clearly show what’s on the Moon. What purpose could these large alien structures serve? What did the aliens want with us? I had a very bad feeling about the whole thing. So much was being hidden from us.


But even an average guy like me was able to research the major points in question and reach a conclusion. The books narrative dramatizes my experiences in uncovering the plans of the aliens. It shows how I acquired the information, what the aliens have done to some local abductees, and how the aliens systematically test our defenses. It is based on true facts. Everybody talks about aliens and UFOs. I intend to do something about them. I will try to have this book made into a movie to warn as many people as possible about the problem we face.


We may have to defend ourselves. The aliens might not care to negotiate. The names of abductees have been changed to protect their privacy. All of my information sources are revealed in later chapters of this book or in the bibliography. You can look up all the data and see it for yourself.  Somebody’s got to do something.  I am willing to try.


This information must be brought out so everyone will see the aliens are real and pose a real threat. Then maybe world governments will take action, or work out a solution beneficial to the aliens and us.


We have unknowingly been the “property” of the Gray and Reptilian aliens. Up till now they could kidnap us individually or harvest us in masse at will. That’s where I come in. I will tell you what we must do to get out of this situation. Together we can stop this!

 Art Greenfield


  • "This book was VERY insightful and full of thought provoking details. It will open your eyes to a whole new reality of what you thought was the truth. It will make you question e..."
    Johanna R.
  • "I am stunned to find out my OWN government would hide this from us! I just hope we as people can act soon before it is to late. "
    Joshua O.

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